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How to Stay Safe in Wet & Snowy Weather

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2016 | Health & Safety, Personal Injury


Through December to March, Toledo and the rest of northern Ohio can get inches of snowfall each month. When it isn’t snowing, residents in these parts can expect rain, or at least frost all over the place. While a winter wonderland can be enchanting even after the holidays, it can also be unexpectedly dangerous.

To keep yourself safe and accident-free in wet and snowy weather, remember these helpful safety hints:

  1. Drive careful: It should be obvious but it bears repeating: the roads get extremely hazardous after a fresh coat of snow, hail, or freezing rain. Please plan any driving trips ahead and give yourself plenty of time to get there early so you don’t feel the pressure to rush from place to place. Also distance your vehicle from other drivers by a “5 second rule” to give them space to maneuver should they skid on ice.
  2. Watch your step: Storefronts and staircases can collect condensation or other sources of water and freeze over when the sun is stuck behind thick clouds. If there is no railing or padding, it can become a slip and fall hazard. Exercise caution and advise store managers or homeowners if you see a pocket of ice where people walk.
  3. Stay warm: Many illnesses people experience in the winter can be prevented, or at least lessened, if they stay toasty, allowing their immune system to stay strong. If running the heater all day is not an option – it can get expensive for anyone – see about throwing on some extra layers of clothing. Also, if you are going to run your heater or use the fireplace, ensure snow is not covering the ventilation.
  4. Keep it clear: Whenever there is a break in the weather, take a minute to inspect and maintain your property. You can sprinkle cat litter on walkways to absorb water and add traction, preventing slips. You may even want to find time to make certain snow isn’t piling up heavily on your roof, which could lead to a collapse. Consider professional help if you are not experienced with winter maintenance.

Snow Place for Negligence

Everyone needs to do their part during the wintry months to stay safe and keep others out of danger. When someone fails to remove hazards from their property within reason, or operate their car recklessly despite the frost on the roads, a devastating accident can occur without any warning to the victim.

If you have done your best to avoid harm this winter but still got hurt due to another’s negligence, you can take action with Williams DeClark Tuschman Co., L.P.A. and our Toledo personal injury attorneys. Throughout our years of experience, we have secured more than $50 million for our clients. Doesn’t your case deserve that level of dedication and professionalism? Call 1-419-719-5195 today to set up a free initial case evaluation with our team.