Negligent Hiring

Toledo Truck Accident Attorney

A trucking company has the responsibility of hiring only professionals that can understand all compliance regulations and complete job duties safely. Failing to be stringent with hiring methods, or other practicing negligent hiring, can put a dangerous or unfit individual behind the wheel of a massive commercial truck. This will vastly increase the chances that a semi-truck accident will occur and harm another motorist on the road.

  • Negligent or unqualified truck drivers may be more likely to:
  • Fall asleep behind the wheel due to fatigue.
  • Violate federal safety regulations, like speed limits.
  • Lose control of the truck during inclement weather.
  • Eat, text, or become distracted while driving.
  • Talk to passengers within the cab.
  • Fail to check trailer securement (runaway trailer accidents).

If you were struck by a commercial truck or tractor-trailer, the lack of skill of the trucker could be a direct result of negligent hiring practices at the parent company. Our Toledo negligent hiring attorneys at Williams DeClark Tuschman Co., L.P.A. can hear your claim for free and help you determine who is liable for your injuries: the trucker, the trucking company, or both.

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Accepting Truck Driver Hiring Practices

The manager or owner of any company is expected to hire only people fitting for the job, and a trucking company is no different. Due to the long hours and relative difficulty associated with being a trucker, many trucking companies have experienced shortages in drivers in recent years. This is not to be used as an excuse to hire people hastily.

  • A trucking company should do the following when hiring a trucker:
  • Conduct a background check for drug or alcohol dependencies.
  • Review trucker’s driving record for car accidents.
  • Perform preliminary testing of truck driver’s abilities.
  • Consider annual or bi-annual refresher courses of regulations.

Holding a Negligent Trucking Company Accountable

When the importance of a proper hiring process is considered, a trucking company may be just as accountable for trucking accidents as the person driving the truck. Our Toledo truck accident lawyers are prepared to stand up for your rights and best interests, no matter who should be held liable for your damages.

Contact our team at your first opportunity and we can begin discussing which party or parties should be targeted in your negligent hiring claim, all during a totally free initial consultation.

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