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Bicyclist and Motorist Must Focus On Safety and Surroundings This Season

On Behalf of | May 19, 2014 | Bicycle Accidents, Car Accidents, Electric Scooter Injuries

With the weather warming up, the time is perfect to take that bicycle out of storage and go for a bike ride. What would make it even more fun it to make it a family affair. While riding your bike, it is important to always to be aware of your surroundings as bicyclist share the roads and sidewalks with vehicles and pedestrians. The same should be said for motorist as well. With the warmer bringing out bicyclist of all ages, motorist need to be aware of bicycles riders, especially during adverse conditions. Earlier this month, a woman was killed in Genoa, Ohio when she was struck from behind on her bike by a sports utility vehicle that was going at least 55 mph. The SUV driver told state troopers that the glare from the sun setting directly on the road’s horizon had blinded her to the point where she could not see the bicyclist. Below are some quick tips for bicyclist when sharing the roads with vehicles and pedestrians:

  • Ohio Law requires that when riding at night, bicyclist must have a working front lamp on their bikes or helmets, and a rear light that emits a steady or flashing red light that is visible to motorists
  • Bicyclist must travel in the same direction as street traffic, obey all traffic signals and signs and use their hands to signal turning directions
  • Bicyclist are required to to ride as near to the right side of of the road as safely possible
  • Bicyclist must be equipped with a brake (s)

Visit the Digest of Ohio Bicycle Traffic Laws for a complete list of safety laws and regulations. Feel free to contact the law office of Williams DeClark Tuschman for questions about bicyclist and motorist safety or if you or a loved one has been involved in an accident between bicyclist and motorist.