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Heart Association Calls For Regulation of E-Cigs

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2014 | Health & Safety, Personal Injury, Product Liability

Since their release, e-cigarettes, more commonly known as e-cig’s, have bursted on to the scene and there seems to be no signs of slowing down. In fact, the use of e-cigs continues to climb at a steady pace. How do they work you may ask? Instead of tar and nicotine, the main harmful ingredients in traditional cigarettes that cause health issues including cancer, e-cigs release nicotine-laced water vapor in place of smoke. A big concern from the American Heart Association (AHA) is that when exhaled, e-cigs vapor can perhaps expose users to toxic chemicals. In fact, the AHA does not challenge that e-cigs are an alternative to traditional smoking, they are simply saying that we may not know the long term issues e-cigs may cause. Whether good or bad, more research is needed to be done. In the mean time, the AHA is calling for e-cigarettes to be treated just like any other tobacco product by placing a ban on the sale of them to youth and regulate how they are made and sold. The worry here is that e-cigs are targeting, through social media ads and many other forms of marketing, to the younger generation. The AHA would also like to see e-cigarette companies to act quicker by to require child-proofing the packages.