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Low Testosterone Continues To Make Headlines But For Wrong Reasons

| Oct 6, 2014 | Drug Safety

In what has become a normal headline as of late, another company had a suit filed against them for low testosterone products. Eli Lilly, a pharmeceutical company, now finds themselves on the end of a law suit in a New Jersery federal court for their testosterone replacement drug, Axiron. The lawsuit goes after the way Axiron was marketed to the public by describing some symptoms of “Low T” as decrease in sexual desire, fatigue and loss of energy. These are only a few of the symptoms listed. The lawsuit challenges these symptoms saying they are because of increasing age or weight gain and that Eli Lilly failed to warn the public of possible heart attack and stroke by using Axiron. Personal injury attorneys, Williams DeClark Tuschman are offering FREE consulation if you or a loved one has been affected by Axiron or any other low testosterone drug. Please call our office today at 419-719-5195. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and help direct you in your next appropriate course of action.