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Xarelto Blood Thinner Cases Continue To Mount

| Jan 28, 2015 | Drug Safety

What is the Issue? Since its 2011 release into the US market, the anticoagulant (more commonly known as blood thinners) Xarelto, has made numerous headlines in the media because of patients experiencing severe and in some instances, fatal cases of internal bleeding. These are cases that could have been avoided if the manufacturers would’ve done their due diligence and properly warned consumers and those in the medical community of the risks involved in by taking Xarelto. What is the history? Blood thinners were developed for patients to prevent dangerous blood clots from forming that would result in restricting blood flow to vital organs. In the past, these anticoagulants were prescribed by doctors based on specific doses per patient. Xarelto offered a new type of prescription that was offered in one uniform dose. Xarelto along with Eliquis and Pradaxa were introduced in 2011 as new blood thinning drugs that were comparable and superior to Coumadin (Warfarin) at preventing stroke and blood clots in patients with atrial fibrillation (AF). Pradaxa directly inhibits the protein, thombin, from forming where Xarelto hinders the protein in the coagulation process called Factor Xa thus interrupting the blood clotting process. The end result is uncontrolled internal bleeding. Because Xarelto prevents the blood to clot, internal bleeding will continue until it flushed out of the patients system. What is being done? Upon its release thousands of patients are on record of experiencing severe and often fatal internal bleeding. In a one year period of 2011-2012, 1,080 adverse events, 65 deaths have been reported to the FDA. In a recent report, plaintiffs have filed at least 21 federal product liability and wrongful death cases over Xarelto. It is anticipated that thousands more lawsuits will follow. Plaintiffs allege that Bayer and Janssen, the companies that developed Xarelto, marketed the medication in an aggressive manor that did not require any type of monitoring and failed to state the increased risk of bleeding events shown in clinical studies. Bayer and Janssen spent $11 million on advertising campaigns in 2013 alone. The same year where Xarelto sales hit $2 billion! How WDT Law can help? The personal injury attorneys, Williams DeClark Tuschman, are accepting Xarelto cases. If you or someone you know has experienced severe complications or death as the result of taken Xarelto, you should contact our lawyers immediately for a free consultation. We are more than ready to answer any questions you may have and assist you in the next course of legal action. You may also call our office anytime at 419-719-5195.