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School Bus Accident Claims the Life of a Child

| Jan 13, 2016 | Bus Accidents, Personal Injury


Bus Accident Claims the Life of a Young Boy

On October 26, 2015, a child in Alabama was in the process of boarding a school bus, when his book-bag became tangled on a portion of the bus. The book-bag overturned and the boy’s school supplies fell out onto the street in front of the bus. The boy bent down to pick up his school supplies and was run over by the school bus. He died instantly, while his mother watched. The inadequate and ineffective design of the school bus, which failed to eliminate blind spots, was a contributing factor to the accident. Suit has been filed by the boy’s mother against the companies responsible for the design of the school bus and also against the school board and bus driver.

Determining Liability for Bus Accidents

Children are transported to and from school by bus every day. Parents trust their children will be able to safely board the bus and reach their destination. Unfortunately, hundreds of school bus accidents happen yearly and some claim the lives of children. Operating a school bus is not easy. Determining the cause and liability of a school bus accident can be difficult and require a skilled bus accident attorney.

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