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Studies Provide Insight Into Malpractice-Prone Doctors

| Feb 13, 2016 | Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury

According to study conducted featured in the New England Journal of Medicine, doctors with previous medical malpractice claims are much more likely to have another claim filed against them in the future. Researchers from Stanford University discovered that from 2005 to 2014, 32% of all medical malpractice claims were connected to only 1% of doctors. Among physicians with paid claims, 84% only incurred one claim during the study period while 16% had at least two claims. Only 4% of doctors had three or more claims brought against them. Further analysis revealed that doctors with previous claims brought against them had a much higher chance of incurring future claims. When compared to doctors with only one claim, doctors with three or more claims had more than three times the risk of incurring a subsequent claim within a period of two years. Physicians in certain fields also ran a higher risk of incurring a malpractice claims. For example, the likelihood of a neurosurgeon incurring a malpractice claim was shown to be nearly four times greater than that of a psychiatrist. This data provides invaluable insight into the healthcare industry and can help guide efforts towards improved quality of care. By identifying and providing the public with information about claim-prone physicians, people can choose their health professionals with greater confidence and hopefully run into less medical mishaps.

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