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Attorney Chad Tuschman Nominated for Lifetime Achievement Award for America’s Top 100 Attorneys®

| Jul 14, 2017 | Firm News

We at Williams DeClark Tuschman Co., L.P.A., are exceptionally honored to announce our very own Attorney Chad Tuschman has been nominated for the Lifetime Achievement Award, appointed by America’s Top 100 Attorneys®. This incredible distinction is limited to only 100 lawyers in Ohio, making Chad one of the most prominent and top-rated attorneys in the state. America’s Top 100 Attorneys® only selects an elite group of attorneys and lawyers who are unique to their fields due to their inspiring triumphs. This award is truly only granted after a lifetime of achievement, meaning those on the receiving end of this milestone are those who have sincerely motivated a generation of lawyers through their success. With less than 0.5% of active attorneys in the United States ever earning this award, Chad is being distinguished alongside the most admirable lawyers in the nation. The following factors and vetting methods are considered before nominating an attorney for a Lifetime Achievement Award:

  • Exceptional advocacy
  • Success
  • Ethical standards
  • Legal accomplishments
  • Third-party research
  • Qualitative Comparative Analysis
  • Proprietary algorithms

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