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Chad Tuschman Selected as One of America’s Top 100 Attorneys

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2018 | Firm News

We are excited to announce that our attorney Chad Tuschman has been selected as a member of America’s Top 100 Attorneys. This distinction recognizes Attorney Tuschman for his accomplishments as one of the nation’s most esteemed and skilled attorneys. In order to receive this honor, prospective candidates must go through a comprehensive multi-phase selection process that involves propriety algorithms and Qualitative Comparative Analysis to help ensure that only the most skilled and exceptional attorneys in the community are selected to become members. Candidates are found through third-party research or peer nominations made by other reputable attorneys in the community. Once a candidate is found, they are screened and analyzed through a series of multi-criteria decision making methods which are used to create a Pareto efficiency frontier. These algorithms gauge a wide range of criteria and data for every candidate, including (but not limited to) the lawyer’s legal achievements throughout their life, their professional experience, their major case results and/or verdicts, their reputation among peers, client satisfaction, other notable honors they have received, media notoriety, and community impact. This criteria is analyzed to create the Pareto efficiency frontier which is used to measure the relative effectiveness of the attorney in comparison to other legal professionals in the community. This use of Qualitative Comparative Analysis ensures that only the most efficient and effective attorneys in the community are eligible for selection into America’s Top 100 Attorneys. Each lawyer who is selected to be a member of America’s Top 100 Attorneys needs to pass this multi-phase screening process to be considered among the Top 100 attorneys in the community. An attorney can’t buy or “peer nominate” their membership. No amount of money can buy a Top 100 membership and every member must meet the rigorous standards and criteria set forth by the organization. Congratulations Chad Tuschman for your continued success as one of Toledo’s s top personal injury attorneys! We are proud of the work you do to serve our clients and community. Do you need help getting compensation for an injury you or a loved one has suffered? Contact our team of Toledo personal injury lawyers to schedule your free consultation today.