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Are “Safe & Sane” Fireworks Really Safe?

| Jul 2, 2018 | Health & Safety

The Fourth of July marks perhaps the biggest celebration across the nation each year. Everyone in America knows Independence Day does not feel complete without a fireworks demonstration that lights up the night sky. In order to try to ring in their own celebrations, many people will buy “safe and sane” fireworks, not realizing these types of fireworks aren’t actually all that safe.

What is a “Safe & Sane” Firework?

A “safe and sane” firework is any sort of recreational firework that does not explode or shoot flames, sparks, or fireballs freely into the air. Most fireworks you can legally buy from licensed vendors are “safe and sane,” such as sparklers, charcoal snakes, spark fountains, and so forth. Since you can legally purchase these fireworks, take them home, and play around with them without a professional pyrotechnician present, it might start to feel like “safe and sane” fireworks really are safe. However, it is important to realize that any sort of firework can still pose a serious health hazard if safety is not kept as the top priority. A simple sparkler or fountain-style firework can still cause severe burns or start a fast-spreading fire. Even a charcoal snake can be dangerous in that it might look tempting to a child, who may either ingest it or touch it while it is still hot.

Always Practice Firework Safety During 4th of July

No matter what sort of firework you use, you should always practice safe and responsible usage of it. Never let young children handle fireworks, including sparklers. Always keep a bucket of water nearby for disposal and an ample source of water for extinguishing embers. Never hold a lit firework. Never light a firework indoors, and so forth. When in doubt, you should see if there are any professional fireworks demonstrations happening in your area. Many public parks and malls will host a fireworks show free-of-charge, allowing you to enjoy Independence Day without needing to worry about the dangers of handling a firework on your own. If you or a loved one are injured by a defective firework, or due to the negligence of someone else handing a firework, let Williams DeClark Tuschman Co., L.P.A. and our Toledo personal injury attorneys know. Using our 100+ years of collective legal experience focused on liability law, we can help craft a claim in pursuit of maximized compensation on your behalf. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.