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E-Cigarettes Linked To Serious Lung Damage

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2018 | Personal Injury, Product Liability

Electronic cigarettes hit the market running a few years ago and have since become extremely popular, especially among young adults. However, the potential dangers associated with these devices are still relatively undocumented— until now. New research indicates that the chemical properties inhaled through e-cigarettes can inflame the lungs, causing substantial damage. If you or someone you love smokes electronic cigarettes, make sure you understand the potential risks and protect yourself from harm. How E-Cigarettes Work E-cigarettes allow users to inhale flavored smoke through a tube-like device that strongly resembles a pipe or cigarette. These devices were originally intended to help smokers quit the habit, though research suggests it has given rise to a new wave of teen and young adult “vapers.” The use of these e-cigarettes, referred to as vaping, may be even more dangerous than their original counterparts. Users can purchase many different flavors for their e-cigarettes, each of which may contain more or less nicotine than the other. Although these devices do not burn tobacco, like traditional cigarettes do, they often contain nicotine in the flavored cartridges. Health Risks Associated with E-Cigs Shortly after e-cigarettes hit the market, users discovered that they could overheat, spark, and ultimately catch fire because of a battery issue. However, this isn’t the only danger associated with these devices. Originally created to wean smokers off of deadly cigarettes, e-cigs have now become popular alternatives for smokers across the country. Although these devices were created to save the health of smokers, they may be having the opposite effect. What Does the Research Say? According to research documented in a recent edition of the American Journal of Physiology, the chemical makeup in e-cigarettes cause inflammation, and may even contain more nicotine than traditional cigarettes. The chemical mixtures use in e-cigarettes come in a variety of flavors, including bubblegum, cherry, and other seemingly tasty aromas. These concoctions are often produced using the same types of additives used in popular candies and junk foods. While this may seem like an indicator that these ingredients are safe to use, they have not been evaluated for dangers associated with inhalation, only consumption. When inhaled, these ingredients inflamed the lungs of the test subjects, even when used over a relatively short period of time. In other words, users may suffer serious side effects even if they have not participated in any long-term use. Research has not confirmed that the inflammation leads to the development of any cancers, but research is in its infancy with these devices. If you or someone you love was harmed after using e-cigarettes, our firm is here to help. We can help you seek compensation for damages associated with these dangerous products, including recompense for medical expenses, loss of wages, and pain and suffering. Contact Williams DeClark Tuschman Co., L.P.A.to discuss your case with a Toledo personal injury lawyer.