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LaCroix Sued for Allegedly Putting Synthetic Materials in Water

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2018 | Personal Injury, Product Liability

The popular water brand LaCroix is facing a potential lawsuit over the questionable ingredients in their beverages. LaCroix waters are advertised as all natural and are typically purchased by consumers who are searching for a sparkling water that lacks additives and synthetic ingredients. A recent lawsuit, however, accuses LaCroix of falsely claiming to be a natural beverage even though it actually contains several synthetic ingredients. The plaintiff, Lenora Rice, is suing LaCroix’s parent company for the damages their faulty advertising has caused her and countless other customers. The Legal Charges Beaumont Costales filed a lawsuit against the National Beverage Corporation in Chicago, the parent company of LaCroix. The suit claims that the supposedly natural water actually contains ethyl butanoate, limonene, and linalool propionate, all of which are identified by the FDA as synthetic ingredients. The plaintiff, Rice, is seeking compensation for the damages caused by LaCroix’s false advertising, which led several customers to consume the synthetic materials. These materials come from questionable backgrounds, to say the least. Research shows that limonene is linked to kidney toxicity and tumor growth, while linalool propionate, another ingredient, is often used to treat certain cancers. Linalool is also used in insecticides used to exterminate cockroaches and other pests. What Now? Consumers like Rice purchase LaCroix sparkling waters under the impression they are a natural alternative to other carbonated or flavored waters. However, in light of this recent lawsuit, customers may have ingested undesired materials, and could therefore be eligible to receive compensation for their trouble. The National Beverage Corp. denies all claims that their products include synthetic materials and claims that the aforementioned ingredients are, in fact, natural flavoring. Were you harmed by a dangerous consumer product, food, or beverage? Contact Williams DeClark Tuschman Co., L.P.A. to discuss your case with a Toledo personal injury lawyer.