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Trampoline Parks & Catastrophic Injuries On the Rise

| Mar 9, 2019 | Brain Injury, Catastrophic Injuries, Personal Injury

Trampoline parks are an entertaining and fun-filled setting for many families and children which is why their popularity is rapidly increasing. Concurrent with their growing popularity, trampoline parks have also become accident-prone environments resulting in major, catastrophic injuries. A catastrophic injury is one which leaves the victim severely hurt, often beyond repair. These injuries most frequently involve brain or spine damage, resulting in paralysis or cognitive disabilities. Other injuries include broken or fractured bones, lacerations, neck injuries, etc. Trampoline parks must be run by professionals who are well-equipped to provide safe equipment and maintain excellent standards of safety. When employees or facilities fail to consider the wellbeing of their patrons, they deserve to be held accountable for what victims of negligence have endured. The following are common reasons why a catastrophic injury can take place at a trampoline park:

  • More than 1 person is permitted to jump at a time
  • Children and adults are permitted to jump together
  • Poorly maintained or defective equipment
  • Improper or insufficient supervision
  • Failure to otherwise maintain standards of safety

Identifying who should be held responsible for your injuries can be complex as liability can fall on several individuals, but it is vital you enlist a legal advocate who will thoroughly investigate your case and set you up for the best possible chance of obtaining compensation for your medical expenses, loss of work and wages, pain and suffering, disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of life, etc.

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