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Bad Faith Claimant Wins $25.5 Million Against Aetna Health

| May 3, 2019 | Bad Faith Insurance

While it can often be challenging for victims of bad faith to hold insurance companies accountable for their actions, a recent landmark case showed that it is possible to find justice. In Cunningham v. Aetna Health, one man was able to secure $25.5 million in damages from Aetna, after his wife was denied a crucial therapeutic treatment for cancer. When decedent Orrana Cunningham was diagnosed with Stage IV nasopharyngeal cancer, her doctors recommended a proven and innovative treatment called proton beam therapy. Because Aetna Health considered this treatment to be too “experimental,” they denied Cunningham’s claim – and although she was later able to secure resources through a personal GoFundMe page, she died from a viral brain infection in the months following her treatment. Continuing with a bad faith insurance lawsuit on behalf of his deceased wife, surviving husband Ron Cunningham was awarded the largest verdict for a bad faith insurance claim in history, at $25.6 million in damages, plus an additional $10 million for punitive damages. While nothing can change the fact that Ms. Cunningham has now passed away, we hope that securing a just outcome has offered some measure of peace for her husband.

Representing Victims of Bad Faith Insurers

At Williams DeClark Tuschman Co., L.P.A., we have years of experience fighting on behalf of victims who, like Orrana Cunningham, have been denied coverage for life-threatening conditions. Major insurance providers like Aetna Health have a tendency to prioritize profits over people, and when they do, they put the lives of their insured patients at serious risk. By proving that an insurer denied a claim without a valid reason, you may also be able to receive compensation in the wake of a bad faith denial. No matter your specific circumstances, we’ll thoroughly review your situation and ensure that your needs are represented in any legal proceedings or insurance negotiations. With over 100 years of combined legal experience, you can trust that we’ll stand by your side and serve as effective advocates for your case. Contact Williams DeClark Tuschman Co., L.P.A. today at (419) 719-5195 for a consultation with our skilled Toledo attorneys.