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Rising Lawsuits Against Juul for Failing to Disclose Nicotine in Products

| May 15, 2019 | Health & Safety, Personal Injury, Product Liability

Parents across the nation are fighting back against e-cigarette company Juul after their children used and became addicted to these products without realizing they contain nicotine. Their complaints also include that Juul specifically marketed to teens via youthful social media campaigns and fruity flavors. Juul is now the subject of an investigation by U.S. senators and state attorneys after consecutive lawsuits claiming the same, including two adults who say they were not properly warned that the e-cigarettes were addictive. This is not the first time similar claims have been made. Tobacco litigation in the 1990s won billions of dollars for smokers and their families. As a result, U.S. cigarette manufacturers like Philip Morris were banned from claiming their products are not addictive and were also forced to decrease advertising. The current lawsuits want Juul to make their products less appealing to children and make the addictive nature of their products clearer. Others allege Juul made false or deceptive statements regarding their products and are seeking monetary damages as a result. Juul’s response was that their e-cigarettes are not for non-nicotine users and are meant for adult smokers. The company has removed its social media accounts and its products were pulled off shelves and after a significant backlash. However, they are still available for purchase online.

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