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Uninsured doctors can leave you with few options to sue

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

You might expect that a plastic surgeon would carry medical malpractice insurance, but many states like Ohio do not require it. This legal loophole leaves the patients of botched surgeries with few options of receiving compensation for their injuries. It makes sense that a doctor would want to protect themselves from the massive cost of a malpractice suit, but that’s not always the case. 

Many states, where doctors aren’t required to carry medical malpractice insurance, are becoming popular destinations for discounted plastic surgeries. In fact, for some doctors, it is in their financial interests not to carry medical malpractice insurance. The consequences of having more uninsured doctors may be dire for patients.

Laws that protect doctors, not patients

If you sue a doctor for medical malpractice or negligence, win that suit and receive a considerable judgment, there is a tiny chance that you will receive that money. Here are three reasons why it’s best to do extensive research on a doctor before undergoing elective surgery:

  • Malpractice suits are limited to a maximum payout of $350,000 for the injured person in Ohio.
  • The Ohio Department of Insurance approximates that only 20% of claims receive compensation.
  • Statistics show that uninsured doctors are more likely to have committed criminal offenses.

Getting justice for patients

The law in Ohio protects doctors, leaving many patients injured with little recourse. Patients who are injured by an uninsured medical provider may still have options for recovery. Don’t be a victim of negligent doctors that don’t expect consequences for their mistakes. Find a lawyer who will make sure you get the best medical treatment available.