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What should new RV drivers know before hitting the road?

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many people have found a way to get out and explore this summer and fall. And they are doing it in an unconventional way. Instead of flying, taking a train or driving a car, many people are buying recreational vehicles such as a motor home, camper trailer or truck camper. Sales of RVs are up dramatically, as much as 170% in some areas.

RV drivers are new to the experience

Those new to driving long distances may think they can get from point A to point B in a matter of hours. Especially if there is a set agenda, drivers new to RV piloting can drive too fast for too long. This means that some drivers don’t take necessary caution when passing, turning or slowing down for road congestion or in inclement weather. It can also mean that drivers are overly tired and driving when they would be better served taking a rest and starting fresh the next day.

Another potential safety risk is new drivers who really don’t know how to drive an RV. RVs are not cars or even trucks. They are longer, taller and much heavier than any other non-commercial vehicle on the road. This means drivers need to understand both the limitations and added challenges such a large vehicle demands.

Common driving mistakes new RV drivers make

It can take time and practice to learn to effectively maneuver an RV. According to RV Share, an online magazine for RV enthusiasts, and aggregate date from RV accident reports, the most common mistakes and causes of accidents for RV drivers are:

  1. Not slowing down when high winds are present
  2. Not knowing how to turn, swerving, over-correcting
  3. Not being able to safely back up
  4. Not knowing where their blind spots are, which encompass a larger area for RVs
  5. Not allowing enough braking time
  6. Not understanding how big their RV is and how to drive within the marked lane
  7. Tire failure and faulty parts

RVing can be a creative way to get away from it all, spend time with loved ones and see the country. Taking prudent precautions while learning the rules of the RV road is the best way to make the best of things while keeping everyone safe.