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What are reasons for RV accidents?

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Adventurous travelers might find driving a recreational vehicle to be the perfect way to enjoy a road trip or vacation. The site of RVs at Ohio rest stops shows how popular these vehicles have become. And then, there are accident statistics showing the potential dangers associated with RV excursions. Whether owning or renting a recreational vehicle, it may help drivers to research the common reasons why RV collisions happen.

Accidents and collisions with RVs

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration revealed sobering statistics from 2012: roughly 75,000 traffic accidents involved recreational vehicles. Drivers need to keep these figures in mind when operating an RV since the vehicle’s size could lead to a fatal collision.

Inexperience may play a role in these crashes. A new RV driver might not have the road experience to maneuver the vehicle properly. Taking an RV on a cross-country trip with little or no experience might lead to problems.

Both experienced and inexperienced RV drivers might find themselves speeding. Speeding represents one of the most dangerous moving violations someone could make, as being unable to stop an RV in time may lead to tragedy.

And is the RV safe to travel at any speed? Poor maintenance may contribute to all kinds of problems, issues that might result in a crash.

Other RV accident concerns

Drivers taking part in long road trips may find themselves getting extremely tired. Unlike commercial trucking, no rules mandate a recreational driver take a break. Sadly, a fatigued driver might cause an accident.

An overloaded EV could be a hazard. Yet, drivers may pack an RV with cargo to the point of danger. And don’t forget any trailers. If a trailer detaches, disaster might follow.

An attorney might file a negligence suit for people hurt in an RV crash. The attorney could investigate to determine if several parties are at fault for the incident.