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What causes car accidents in construction zones?

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2021 | Construction Zone Accidents

Drivers in Ohio and around the country should know to slow down and pay closer attention when they are approaching a construction zone. But unfortunately, being cautious doesn’t eliminate all motor vehicle accidents in these types of situations. Learn what the main causes of these accidents are and how drivers can avoid injury in these dangerous areas.

Looking at the numbers

The Federal Highway Administration tracks the number of accidents and fatalities in construction zones on America’s highways. The agency’s data shows that on average, over 770 people are killed in these accidents annually around the country. Many of these accidents are due to driver error.

Distracted drivers are more at risk for vehicle accidents in construction zones. Texting while you are behind the wheel, along with driving while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs and driving when you have not gotten the proper amount of rest, should be avoided at all times. But in a construction zone, where lanes have shifted and it’s important to read signs, these behaviors can all be especially dangerous.

Another issue is the way the construction zone is managed. Many times, construction zones are set up well. There’s ample signage, safety orange cones and plenty of reflectors so that it’s all visible to drivers. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes, drivers don’t have enough time to react to a construction zone as they approach it. At other times, something may drop from a piece of equipment, damage a car and hurt one of the occupants. This is very rare, but it can happen.