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Speeding drivers held responsible for fatal accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Speeding ranks as one of the most common moving violations drivers make. Sadly, speeding also brings with it the chance of a fatal collision. Ohio drivers might wish to review some facts about speeding. Doing so could lead some to slow down on the road and keep others safe.

Speeding and its risks to others

Impatience may factor into why so many drivers speed. A desire to get someone as fast as possible creates dangerous trade-offs: drivers can’t come to a complete stop safely, and they might be unable to react defensively when split seconds count.

The dire consequences of a speeding-related collision could cost innocent people their lives. Research shows that 26% of all fatal crashes in 2019 involved a speeding driver. That translates into 9,478 fatalities.

Even with the many dangers and risks present during normal conditions, people may drive too fast on wet or snow-covered roads or when visibility is low. Such reckless drivers may continue their behavior until someone gets hurt or loses their life.

The speeding driver may be legal responsible

The mere fact that someone drove above the speed limit could make the person liable for any harm. Speeding is a moving violation, and drivers who violate traffic laws are often considered negligent – not for criminal purposes but in personal injury lawsuits. While the other driver may share some responsibility for a crash, a speeding driver won’t likely get away without facing blame.

Hopefully, a negligent driver carries sufficient liability coverage to pay for any physical harm or property damage. Suing beyond policy limits might be an option, and families who lose a relative in such an accident may pursue this strategy.