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When motorcycle accidents become deadly

On Behalf of | May 10, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents

Driving a motorcycle can be liberating and exciting. Not much can beat the feeling of getting out on the open road.

However, there are many hazards on the road that can stand between you and your ability to make it home safely. These hazards can quickly turn into fatal accidents, like this one earlier this year when a trucker failed to yield when making a left hand turn.

An essential part of being safe on your motorcycle is wearing the right safety gear. However, even the best equipment cannot stand up to some of the encounters that can happen on a motorcycle. When you and your motorcycle are up against a larger vehicle, there is a greater chance that the crash could become fatal. Also, the faster you and the other motorist are going at the time of the collision increases the accident’s severity.

May is motorcycle awareness month

The month of May is dedicated to raising awareness of motorcyclists and everyone’s part in keeping them safe by actually looking for them. Safety is part of everyone’s responsibility; however, people in larger vehicles tend to overlook motorcycles.

Part of the purpose of dedicating a month to raising awareness is to remind motorists to double-check for motorcycles that can easily fit in their blind spots. In some cases, a driver may need to look more than once to realize that there is a motorcycle in their path.

Staying visible

What are some factors that make motorcycling dangerous and the precautions you can take to have a safer ride? Everyone has a part to play when it comes to being safe on the road. People in cars can be more intentional about looking for motorcycles, and motorcyclists can take precautions to be more visible on the road.

Being visible means wearing light, bright or reflective clothing at night and avoiding blind spots. While these may not eliminate the risk of a crash, they can increase your chances of being seen and avoiding an accident.