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Will new concealed gun law in Ohio lead to more deaths?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | Wrongful Death

Ohio’s new concealed carry law changes the state’s gun regulatory system. It will have significant implications for gun owners as well as those who do not.

No training required to carry a concealed handgun

The new gun law came into effect in June. Now, at age 21, people in Ohio can carry a handgun that is concealed without training or first getting a permit. Ohio is the 23rd state to allow conceal carry for gun owners without permits.

Will accidental injuries rise?

With guns easier to hide and with the ability to carry them in public more accessible, the risk of accidental discharges is higher. There is always a certain level of danger when dealing with loaded firearms. Some argue that the risk is higher, since more may be packing heat without any training; a simple slip or trip, jostling while getting a child or groceries out of a car, horsing around with friends, or stumbling after a late night out. Any one of these situations, and others, could potentially lead to serious and fatal accidents.

Many believe the law change reflects a God-given right to bear arms. Others argue that proper training is necessary for everyone, even if they’ve grown up around guns. Firearms instructors point out that failing to provide instruction to those to tote guns creates dangers for everyone around them.

No matter your stance on gun control, there’s no denying that accidents happen even with highly trained individuals. When someone is inadvertently shot, the legal system will determine who will be held responsible.