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Factors that can influence wrongful death settlements

On Behalf of | May 8, 2023 | Wrongful Death

Wrongful death settlements in Ohio vary based on the specifics of the case. If someone’s negligence results in the death of a loved one, the surviving family may be able to bring a successful wrongful death lawsuit. The law stipulates who can bring a wrongful death claim. Some factors impact the value of a wrongful death settlement.

The right to bring a wrongful death claim

Someone else’s negligence can cause the death of a family member, who then has the right to file a wrongful death claim in Ohio. The person who passed away is known as the decedent. For the surviving family members to be eligible to receive financial compensation, they must be related to the deceased in specific ways. The spouse, children, parents, blood relatives dependent on the deceased and children born out of wedlock are all eligible to bring a claim.

Factors that impact the value of wrongful death settlements

A wrongful death settlement aims to hold the individual responsible for the wrongful death accountable for some of the financial losses suffered by the family. For instance, in cases of fatal motor vehicle accidents, the negligent driver may be liable.

Calculating the value of a lost life is a complex task. Family members or courts may consider factors such as the age of the deceased at the time of death, their income and their potential future earnings to determine a fair settlement. The court may also consider other factors, such as funeral and burial costs, the deceased’s suffering before their passing and the situation of family members who relied on the deceased.

It’s important to note that no amount of financial compensation can replace the loss of a loved one. Nevertheless, compensation can provide relief for surviving family members of wrongful death victims.