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Should I talk to my insurance company if I’m in a car accident?

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2023 | Car Accidents

If you get into a car accident in Ohio, you need to talk to your insurance company as soon as possible. The top two priorities are calling an ambulance if anyone on the scene needs it and informing the police.

When to contact your insurance company

Assuming that you aren’t in need of medical attention, you may want to contact your insurance company at the scene of the crash. The company representative will let you know what information you need to file a claim, and you can ask them questions.

Before calling your insurance company, you might want to take pictures of the vehicles involved and damage that the wreck caused before others leave the scene. Examples of what to take photos of are broken glass, tire marks and the weather conditions.

What if another insurance company contacts you?

Talking about the accident with someone else’s insurance company puts you at a high risk of giving them information that they can use against you. You might say that it’s hard to remember what happened or that you were tired, which they may later use in court to pin more of the blame on you. If they ask how you’re doing, and you say “great,” then they might claim that your pain and suffering wasn’t severe.

You have the right to avoid talking directly with the other driver’s insurance company. In situations where you absolutely have to, you may allow your insurer to handle the conversation on your behalf.

Information that your insurer may ask for

Common information that insurers ask for after motor vehicle crashes is proof of medical bills and damage to property. They also want to have an estimate of your repair costs. After your insurance company has all of the facts about the wreck, they will try to figure out who’s at fault. Insurance companies may argue with each other over who’s at fault, resulting in a court case to settle it.

Speaking with your insurance company after a car accident is necessary to claim your coverage rights. It’s talking with the other driver’s insurer that’s concerning because they want to reduce their liability and will use what you say against you.