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Why do blind spot accidents occur?

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2023 | Car Accidents

You don’t expect to get into an accident, yet you leave your Ohio home and are suddenly in a mishap. Motor vehicle accidents caused by driver blind spots are more common than you think, often resulting in serious injuries.

What is a vehicle blind spot?

A blind spot refers to the area around a vehicle where drivers cannot see what is happening around them with their eyes or mirrors. When a large truck is involved, it is sometimes called a “No Zone.” These accidents usually occur when one vehicle is either directly or nearly onside another one. Other reasons for blind spots on vehicles include the columns surrounding the doors and windows and the positioning of the side mirrors.

Motor vehicle accidents involving blind spots typically occur when one vehicle changes lanes. They commonly occur on highways at high speeds, adding to the severity of these incidents. They also frequently occur at roundabouts and intersections. Driver error usually causes bind spot accidents when someone foregoes looking in their mirrors, leading to rear-end collisions and broadsides. Proper mirror usage and a constant awareness of your surroundings can help prevent these mishaps.

What happens after a blind spot accident?

The first thing victims should do when a blind spot accident occurs is to get medical treatment. If you are ambulatory, take yourself to urgent care so a professional can assess possible serious injuries. Keeping thorough medical records is essential when you have been involved in any type of accident.

All types of vehicles can cause blind spot accidents. Because these mishaps involve a form of negligence, victims may be able to pursue a claim against the driver responsible for them.