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Why are there so many truck accidents in construction zones?

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2023 | Construction Zone Accidents

Commercial motor vehicles pass through Ohio daily, many of which are tractor trailers. Data shows that semi-truck drivers and other large commercial vehicle operators are often the cause of collisions in work zones. Analysts are unsure as to the exact reasons why such accidents seem to be occurring more frequently; however, they do have several theories. If you’re a CDL holder who operates a big rig, you’ll want to stay updated on safety recommendations.  

Construction zones are often busy sections of roadway. From workers moving about and coming close to moving traffic, to motorists trying to maneuver their way through and flag workers doing their best to control traffic flow (if there are flag workers posted), such areas are often a recipe for disaster. Truck drivers often become distracted when driving through construction zones, which crash analysts believe is one of the most common causes of collisions.  

Is aggressive driving a factor in construction zone truck accidents? 

Another theory regarding possible causes of tractor-trailer and commercial motor vehicle collisions in work zones is that truck drivers are often in a hurry, and construction zones slow them down. To avoid lost time, they might make sudden lane changes or exhibit other aggressive behavior that places themselves and everyone in the vicinity at risk.  

It can be quite difficult to navigate a work zone on a busy Ohio roadway, especially if you’re behind the wheel of a big rig. If cones or other barriers are set up, it can create narrowed lanes that seem barely large enough for cars, much less tractor-trailers. Regardless of how busy or challenging a work zone is to navigate, there is no excuse for aggressive driving that disregards traffic laws and places people at risk for collision. 

Tractor-trailer collisions often lead to litigation 

If a big-rig driver isn’t paying attention as he or she drives through a work zone, a moment’s distraction or negligence may have disastrous results. Collisions involving commercial motor vehicles are often fatal. Ohio law permits those who suffer injuries due to another driver’s negligence to seek financial recovery for their losses in civil court.  

All tractor-trailer drivers, contractors and law enforcement agencies, as well as state and federal agencies and local and state transportation departments, have been called upon to join efforts in improving Ohio road safety, particularly in construction zones, to reduce the number of collisions that occur in such locations every year. Support is available to anyone facing legal problems following a commercial vehicle collision in a construction zone.