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Dealing with difficult insurance issues in a personal injury claim

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2024 | Bad Faith Insurance

In Ohio and throughout the country, motor vehicle collisions occur every day, some that are minor fender-benders and others that result in severe injuries. Unfortunately, many recovering victims have encountered challenges in dealing with insurance companies after a car accident. If a personal injury claim will result in a large payout due to severity of injury, complications may arise.  

Recovering accident victims often must deal with three types of insurance complications, including denial of a claim, payout delays or not receiving the maximum amount entitled. A recovery after a motor vehicle collision is stressful enough without adding an insurance dispute to the mix. In such cases, it’s helpful to seek additional support. 

Denying a personal injury claim may lead to an appeal 

If an insurance agency denies your claim, you can file an appeal. It is not uncommon for an initial claim to receive a denial, then receive approval upon appeal. A detailed account of the events that resulted in your injuries, as well as medical records and other documentation, can help prove the merit of your claim.  

The more severe your injuries, the longer it might take to get a payout 

If you suffered severe or catastrophic injuries in an Ohio collision, you might experience a delay regarding your insurance payout. There seems to be a disturbing trend where recovering victims struggle to receive their payouts in a timely fashion when their injuries are severe. 

Do not settle for less than you have a right to receive 

Low payouts are another problematic issue that recovering victims often encounter in Ohio. If an insurance company tries to minimize your injuries or is trying to get you to settle for less regarding your payout, you may have to fight to obtain the full amount. In such cases, it pays to review state laws, as well as any individual policies that are applicable to your case.  

You may also want to seek assistance from a private claims adjuster. If a company purposely delays a settlement, unfairly denies a claim or tries to underpay, it is known as bad faith insurance. You have a right to expect a full payout in accordance with state laws and the terms of a contract. One of the reasons an insurance company might do this is to try to reduce its costs. If it happens to you, there are resources available to help resolve the issue.