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Injured in a Car Accident Caused by a Teen Driver?

| Jun 23, 2016 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

Did you know that teen drivers account for roughly 30% of total costs of motor vehicle injuries among males and 28% of the total costs of motor vehicle injuries among females despite only representing 14% of the population? Due to their lack of experience and higher tendency to engage in risky acts while driving, teen drivers are involved in more car accidents than any other demographic, with most collisions occurring within a teen’s first six months of receiving a license. Roughly 75 percent of serious teen driver crashes involve one of the following “critical errors”:

  • Failing to scan surroundings to detect and evade hazards
  • Driving too fast for the given road conditions
  • Being distracted by something inside or outside the vehicle, such as texting while driving

While many people make mistakes when they are young, the consequences for driving errors in teens can be particularly devastating. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), teen drivers age 16 to 19 are nearly four times more likely than drivers age 25 to 69 to be involved in a fatal crash.

Compensation for Victims of Teen Driving Accidents

Just like all other drivers, teen drivers are held to the same duty of care to all other drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, and pedestrians while behind the wheel. In the event that a teen driver should breach this duty and cause a collision, they may be held liable to pay for any damages they should inflict. Individuals who are injured in crashes caused by teen drivers may seek the following damages:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Vehicle repair costs
  • Pain and suffering

In addition, a teen driver’s parents may also be held financially liable for any accidents and injuries that their child may cause due to their negligent driving. Parents can also be held liable for negligent entrustment if a teen with past offenses involving drugs or alcohol causes a collision while intoxicated.

I’ve Been Injured in a Crash With a Teen Driver – What Do I Do?

If you have been injured in a crash caused by a teen driver, it is vital you seek medical attention as soon as possible and contact a skilled Toledo car accident attorney from Williams DeClark Tuschman Co., L.P.A. With more than 50 years of legal experience representing victims of auto accidents, we can provide the powerful representation you need to maximize your chances of securing your deserved compensation. Find out more about how we can assist you by scheduling a complimentary case review or by calling our office today at (419) 719-5195.