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Why Teen Drivers Often Involved in Car Accidents

| Jun 14, 2017 | Car Accidents


In a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), car accidents are the leading cause of fatalities for teens in the United States. In 2015, 2,333 teens – ages 16 through 19 – were killed in car crashes. In 2014, 221,313 were sent to emergency rooms to treat injuries in motor vehicle collisions.

The common reasons why teen drivers are more prone to accidents compared to their adult counterparts include:

  • Inexperience – Teens often have less than a couple of years of driving experience and are not ready to understand and react to hazardous scenarios. The risk of collision is quite high during the first months of having a license.
  • Reckless driving – Almost 35% of teen drivers are speeding at the time a crash occurs. Male youths are particularly at risk for being involved in high-speed, deadly accidents. Other reckless driving behaviors include making illegal turns and lane changes, as well as tailgating.
  • Distracted driving – Any type of activity which takes your eyes, hands, and mind away from the main task of driving can be dangerous because you won’t have enough time to react to unforeseen circumstances on the road. Distractions include cellphones, grooming, eating, drinking, or even other passengers.
  • Drinking and driving – Driving while intoxicated can result in fatal consequences for teen drivers. Combined with no experience, drunk driving is often a dangerous situation for teen motorists.

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