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School’s In Session: Driving Safety Tips

| Sep 27, 2018 | Car Accidents, Child Safety

School is back in session, which means kids of all ages are taking buses and walking to schools all around the state. Our team of Toledo personal injury attorneys is reminding drivers to be extra careful, especially around children. Here are some tips to help prevent tragic car accidents:

  • Look out for children, especially when driving through neighborhoods and near parks and schools. Take some extra time to scan your surroundings.
  • Slow down when driving through areas where kids may be. This includes near schools and parks, in neighborhoods, and also places like parking lots and libraries. Kids can dart out into the road unexpectedly. Driving slower will give you more time to react.
  • Always obey crossing guards’ directions. Come to a full and complete stop when indicated, and wait until all the children and the guard are clear of the road before proceeding.
  • Take a second look before proceeding through intersections, marked crosswalks, and into or out of driveways and alleyways. Children may be crossing the road or walking on the sidewalk, and it can be harder to see them because of their smaller size.
  • Watch out for scooters, bicycles, skateboards, and pedestrians, especially around the start and end of school. Many children are traveling home or to school or bus stops during these times, so expect increased traffic.
  • Always stop when a bus has flashing lights on. It’s the law, and it can save lives. Wait until the bus has pulled back onto the road and until you’ve verified that there are no children in the street before driving.

Preventing accidents is something we all can strive towards. Our team at Williams DeClark Tuschman Co., L.P.A. is here to do our part. Our team of Toledo personal injury attorneys is here to protect families and help them recover the compensation they deserve after an accident. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about your legal options today.

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