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Fatal accidents in construction zones in Ohio

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2023 | Construction Zone Accidents

Roadside signs point out locations where work takes place. Often, construction sites inform drivers to use caution and slow down. Not every driver traveling through Ohio construction zones follows what the signs say, which can be dangerous. Driving through a construction zone sometimes requires avoiding hazards, which can be difficult when committing moving violations.

Construction zone driving

A construction zone has various workers performing tasks necessary to complete the job. That means more people will walk around a stretch of highway or road than normal. These workers may assume that drivers adhere to the signs that say to slow down or stay out of a coned-off lane. Drivers who travel too fast or head into the wrong lane near workers could hit someone. The impact may cause a crash.

The people working in the construction zone must also be careful. They must look for cars passing through the zone if they are moving heavy machinery. A large truck hauling debris might back onto the road without looking, which could collide with a vehicle. The significant difference in size may result in disproportionate damage to the smaller vehicle.

Construction accidents and wrongful deaths

Auto accidents in construction zones might lead to fatalities. Both drivers and passengers could lose their lives in a collision. And some instances may never involve construction vehicles and a commuting car. A distracted driver might pay too much attention to what the construction crew does and hit a stopped vehicle or drifts into another lane and suffers a head-on collision.

Surviving family members of deceased drivers and passengers might bring a wrongful death lawsuit against whoever caused the collisions. Sometimes, more than one party might be at fault. Constructions zones can be chaotic, leading to many accident risks.