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Protecting The Rights Of Drivers Injured In Construction Zone Car Accidents

It is well-known that the roads around Toledo are home to a significant amount of road construction. Not only is it a hassle for motorists, but the construction zones themselves also introduce a number of dangers into the mix for drivers and passengers alike. Though the construction zones are generally dense with signage, accidents often occur due to the need to merge into lanes, the location of construction equipment and where traffic control devices, such as cones, are located. These accidents can cause serious injuries, leaving victims wondering where to turn.

If you have been injured in a car accident that occurred in a construction zone, turn to Williams DeClark Tuschman Co. L.P.A.. We have more than a century of combined experience representing injured people and their families. From traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and amputations to spinal cord injuries and fatalities that could have been avoided, we handle all types of severe and fatal injury claims that stem from another driver’s negligence in a work zone.

Driver Negligence In Work Zones

It is up to drivers to pay careful attention when they are driving through a construction zone. Many still do not. These are often the drivers who cause accidents. Their negligence can be due to:

  • Speeding and failure to slow down or obey posted slower speed limits
  • Failure to notice or avoid cones, potholes, concrete barriers and other obstacles and can cause hazards for cars
  • Distractions and use of cellphones, leading to the failure to merge from two lanes into one
  • Failure to observe the narrowing of lanes
  • Taking their attention off the road when a detour is indicated

The Dangers Of Construction Zones

There are also inherent dangers in construction zones that render them dangerous, and sometimes accidents are unavoidable. Construction issues that can factor into an accident include:

  • Missing proper signage indicating construction work being done
  • Missing traffic cones or lane barriers
  • Failure of construction workers to direct traffic
  • Machinery blocking traffic
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Damaged road surfaces

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The negligent driver may be held responsible for the accident that resulted in your injuries. Also, it may be possible to hold a construction company, government or municipality responsible if their negligence caused or contributed to the crash. If you or someone you love was injured in an accident in a construction zone, you may have many questions. Learn more about how we can pursue compensation for the damages and losses you suffered. Call our office today at 419-719-5195 or contact us online.

Answering Your Construction Zone Accident Questions

Like anyone who is in an accident, we know you have more questions than answers at this point. Here are answers to some questions we routinely hear from construction zone accident victims.

Who Is Responsible For Construction Zone Accidents?

This can be a tricky question, and the answer goes a long way toward determining the direction of your case. Responsibility can fall on negligent drivers who speed or fail to follow the posted signs. If a lack of signs or a poorly setup construction zone leads to a crash, responsibility can fall on the company or government entity responsible for the construction project. One thing remains the same: if you have been injured in a construction zone accident, you can rely on our attorneys to identify all liable parties and pursue the full financial compensation you deserve.

What Are The Most Common Examples Of Driver Negligence In Construction Zones?

These accidents share some common causes with other motor vehicle accidents. For example, speeding, reckless driving and the failure to follow posted speed limits are responsible for many construction zone accidents. Other examples of driver negligence or inattentiveness include the failure to avoid cones, potholes and other obstacles, distracted driving, failing to stay in one lane and failing to follow a posted detour route.

What Are The Common Hazards Found In A Construction Zone?

The communication needs to go both ways to keep people safe in construction zones. Unfortunately, construction zones often lack proper signage or cones, and barriers can go missing. Machinery might be left in the way of traffic, lighting could be inadequate, and the surfaces of the temporary roads are often damaged. Any of these can contribute to accidents. When two or more contributing factors are combined with a negligent or inattentive driver, it is a recipe for serious injury or death.

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