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Who is responsible if I’m injured in a car accident in a construction zone?

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2023 | Construction Zone Accidents

In Ohio, construction zones are a factor in 4,000 car accidents yearly. Construction zone accidents result in more than 1,700 injuries in Ohio each year, and multiple parties may be liable (responsible) if you are injured in a crash.

Construction zones

Even if the car crash does not involve construction workers, the construction company may be liable for auto accidents in the zone they are working on. The company must demonstrate that they kept the site safe, did not create unnecessary dangers and warned the public about any traffic dangers.

The following situations may make the construction company liable for your accident:

  • Signs placed incorrectly
  • Lack of warnings
  • Poorly maintained construction site
  • Operation of equipment that prevents safe driving
  • Hidden directions
  • Barricades placed too close to moving traffic

Municipality or city

In some cases, the roads may present a traffic hazard. Courts may hold the city or municipality responsible for poorly maintained roads, guardrails or medians.


In some cases, the construction company may use a piece of equipment that causes the construction zone accident. This faulty equipment may contribute to the accident by damaging the road or the vehicles on the road.

Other drivers

You may follow the law, slow down and drive safely. The construction company may do the same. Yet, an accident may still occur because of another driver’s actions.

Courts may hold other drivers liable for construction zone accidents in the following situations:

  • Reckless driving resulted in the driver hitting equipment that caused a chain reaction.
  • Another driver rear-ended you after you slowed down for the construction zone.
  • A distracted driver did not stop or slow down in time.

Determining liability in construction zone car accidents may seem complex. Always remember that more than one party may be responsible if they contributed to the accident. Learn about your legal options before you signed documents with the insurance company.