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What treatments should I expect after a spinal cord injury?

On Behalf of | May 20, 2024 | Catastrophic Injuries

Car crashes rank among the most stressful events in a person’s life, arguably the most stressful when severe. They can seriously affect a person’s physical and mental abilities, especially if the individual sustains a spinal cord injury (SCI). SCIs aren’t common injuries. In fact, there are approximately 18,000 new cases per year in the U.S. alone.

However, even though this represents 0.0053% of the population, it doesn’t make them any less life-threatening. If you fall victim to a careless driver and suffer from this type of injury, you have the right to seek treatment and compensation to mitigate the life-changing effects of the injury.

The needed treatments and therapies

An SCI is a severe condition that often requires various treatments and therapies. Unfortunately, the extent of your recovery is hard to predict. This means there is no telling how many treatments you’ll need. It all depends on how your body responds to them.

To help you understand what’s to come, here’s a brief overview of therapies you might need to get:

  1. Immediate treatments: These steps are taken immediately after the injury. Steps include giving medications, immobilizing the spine to prevent further injury and surgeries to remove bone fragments or other things that may be squeezing the spine.
  2. Long-term treatments and rehabilitation: This involves a multidisciplinary approach and includes physical therapy, speech therapy and counseling. The goal is to prevent further complications and ultimately help you get back on your feet.
  3. Emerging treatments: Researchers are studying potential future treatments, including experimental medications, cell transplantation, nerve grafts and complex electrical stimulation.

Some people may regain some of their abilities in the weeks and months following the injury. But, for others, if they haven’t regained certain functions six months after the injury, even after these therapies, they might not regain them at all. Everyone’s experience with SCI is unique, and the treatments used will change based on the specifics of the injury.

The at-fault driver can pay for your medical expenses

In Ohio, if you’re a car crash victim, you might be eligible for compensation. This compensation can cover your medical expenses, including the costs of all the treatments and therapies you might need due to the SCI. However, dealing with insurance companies can often be a complex and challenging process. So, consider reaching out to an attorney for help with your situation.