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Hoverboard Accidents Lawyer In Toledo, Ohio

Hoverboards – the popular two-wheeled, self-balancing electric scooters – grew in popularity in the 2015 holiday season. It is no coincidence that a surge of hoverboard accident reports was soon to follow. Studies found that most of the products were manufactured to no safety standard and received no official inspections, prompting online and traditional retailers to yank the defective products off their shelves.

There are two major defects with hoverboards of virtually all brands and makes:

  • Balance issues: Hoverboards have been marketed as “smart” and “self-balancing” and requiring very little effort from the rider to stay upright. Without warning, the balancing gyros and servos can malfunction, tossing the hoverboard in a random direction and bucking the user off violently.
  • Battery fires: If overcharged or used normally in bright sunlight, hoverboard batteries have been known to suddenly burst into hot flames. People have suffered burn injuries to their legs and feet, and millions in property damage have been reported so far after the devices caught fire within consumer homes.

For many consumers, the action came too late and they had already suffered serious injuries caused directly by a malfunctioning hoverboard. Even after the news broke, hoverboards are still sold by private retailers, most often by temporary mall kiosks. Negligence on part of the initial manufacturers of hoverboards and the groups that continue to sell them despite the hazard warnings can cause a wide range of user injuries.

Injuries reported frequently in hoverboard accidents include:

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You Deserve Total Compensation

The companies that produced the vast majority of hoverboards have done so with full knowledge that their products were not being tested or constructed to any appropriate standard. Such gross negligence cannot be allowed to continue in the marketplace, or else similar products are sure to cause similar harm in future years.

When we handle your lawsuit, our Toledo products liability attorneys will want to seek compensation that includes:

  • Hospital bills
  • Rehabilitation programs
  • Repair or replacement to property
  • Lost wages

Sometimes the only way to make negligent companies listen is to go for their profits and sue them for damages incurred from their products.

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