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Electrocution Accidents

Electrocution is a very real threat on construction sites. Extension cords, lighting, power tools, temporary electrical lines, excavation and electrical work all can cause painful, or even fatal, electrocution accidents. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), electrocutions account for about 9% of all fatal construction accidents. Safe electrical handling can save lives and prevent injuries, but mistakes can be devastating. Our Toledo construction accident attorneys are dedicated to helping injured workers and bystanders receive compensation for their injuries.

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Electrocutions & Electrical Injuries

Exposure to electricity can cause a number of injuries, some of which may be fatal. Burn injuries are especially common during an electrocution accident. External burns can be severe, causing lasting disfigurement and pain. The electrical current passing through the body can also cause internal burns, which can be difficult to treat. Electrical shocks are also dangerous for the heart since it uses a small electrical charge to pump blood. A large shock can stop the heart or cause arrhythmia, where the heart develops an irregular beat and is less efficient. The damage can be lasting, and an electrical shock can cause cardiac arrest. The nervous system can also be affected, and it is possible that electrical exposure can break down nerve control. This may cause a number of issues, including unconsciousness, organ failure, and respiratory and circulation issues. Blood clots can form after electrocution, and it is possible that other injuries will be sustained if the injured person falls.

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