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Toledo Auto Recall Lawyers

When automakers and auto part manufacturers are negligent in their duty to create and sell safe products and vehicles, the damage they cause can be so widespread that it requires a massive recall to address. At Williams DeClark Tuschman Co. L.P.A., our Toledo auto recall lawyers are capable of helping you seek justice and compensation if you have been negatively affected by a recalled vehicle or believe you can opt into a mass tort litigation claim. With more than half a billion dollars recovered through trials for our clients and a century of combined experience handling complex and sensitive cases, you can trust in our team to provide you with the honest and reliable representation you need.

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Examples Of Auto Recalls

An automobile is only as good as the worst part in it. When a single defective piece goes awry, it threatens to make the entire vehicle dangerous, and often does. When enough people are hurt or inconvenienced, the automaker or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) may implement a mandatory recall to correct the issues. Some recent auto recalls in the news include:

  • Takata air bags: Perhaps the most famous recall to date, millions upon millions of vehicles have been recalled due to defective Takata air bags that explode somewhat randomly, shooting sharp metal into the driver or passengers. Several mass tort lawsuits are underway to seek justice and compensation for the 10-plus people who have died and the others who have been injured.
  • Volkswagen diesel engines: Countless Volkswagen owners were cheated by the automaker when it was revealed that their “clean” diesel engines were putting more smog into the air than most other brands. A cheat device had been installed into the engines that fabricated emission test results. Mass torts were created due to the fact that people were paying for a clean diesel engine but never got one.
  • GM software bug: In early autumn 2016, GM announced that a software bug in its car’s onboard computers could actually switch off safety systems, disabling air bags and seat belts without warning. Although no injuries were initially reported, a four-plus million car recall was issued around the world, most of the cars in the U.S.

Compensation For Your Burdens

Whether you were physically harmed, financially burdened or considerably inconvenienced by the negligent safety practices of an automaker or auto recall, you have the right to seek compensation.

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